Stop Firefox 29 looking just like Chrome

I’m not sure what browser you’re using but I’m sure you like it 😉 Personally, I prefer Firefox in a rather retro looking form. When the menu bar disappeared, I enabled it again. When the menus got shoved into the window title bar, I took them out again. Long story short: if I wanted my browser to be Chrome I would be using Chrome. Along rolls Firefox 29 and suddenly I’m using a Chrome lookalike 🙁 Luckily a quick web search took me to Classic Theme Restorer which allowed me to get back to my retro Firefox 28 look. Excellent!


One of the fantastic things about Firefox is the level of customization that can be had through editing about:config and through the vast array of available add-ons. The new Chrome-like interface may attract new users and many old users may prefer it but there is always the ability to edit and tweak to get things looking just right if you’re not happy. Perhaps if Microsoft had taken this approach with Windows 8 – allowing customizations and a route back to an old, familiar interface rather than forcing an untried and, debatably, appallingly bad interface on users – then Windows 8 wouldn’t have been such a giant flop.

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